Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Fundamentals and Applications Third Edition

In recent years, biotechnology drug products have gained a major share of prescribed pharmaceuticals. These drug products include peptides and proteins, including monoclonal antibodies and antibody fragments, as well as antisense oligonucleotides and DNA preparations for gene therapy. From 2000 to 2006, biologics accounted for 33% of all New Active Substances that were launched, and are reflected to a similar degree in the current development pipelines of the pharmaceutical industry.

The techniques of biotechnology are a driving force of modern drug discovery as well. Due to this rapid growth in the importance of biopharmaceuticals and the techniques of biotechnologies to modern medicine and the life sciences, the field of pharmaceutical biotechnology has become an increasingly important component in the education of today’s and tomorrow’s pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists. We believe that there is a critical need for an introductory textbook on pharmaceutical biotechnology that provides well-integrated, detailed coverage of both the basic science and clinical application of biotechnology-product pharmaceuticals.


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